Flavored Hydration.  Conveniently Fun.

Get Your Flavor On with Berry Blast

Get Your Flavor On with Berry Blast

Why water magic straws?

Water Magic straws were launched in 2018 as a companion line to Milk Magic Straws.  These straws focus on hydration.  They are the only product on the market featuring a primary/secondary flavor experience.  This is a totally UNIQUE approach to flavoring.  Like milk straws, they have flavor beads inside the straw.  What creates the primary/secondary experience is the effervescent "fizzy" tabs.  When you drink through the straw the flavor beads are the primary flavor.  When the water activates the fizzy tabs that new flavor takes over the experience.

What they've achieved

  • Helps Consumers Stay Hydrated
  • Loved by Moms everywhere for our portion controlled design
  • Significantly lower in sugar and calories than pre-flavored choices
  • Gluten Free, Non GMO and BPA Free
  • Retailers Choice Award 2018 National Hardware Show
  • New Product Gallery Winner 2018 C-Store Expo