Over the past decade, a 1/2 BILLION Milk Magic Straws have been sold in retailers across the USA.


Why milk magic straws?

Milk Magic branded flavoring straws has produced milk straws for nearly 10 years.  During that time they have flavored just over 1/2 billion glasses of milk.  The product has been a staple in many retailers including both Target and Walmart.  

Milk Magic Straws flavor milk as you sip.  As milk passes by the flavor beads, it adds flavor and color to the milk.  This creates a magical experience that increases consumption.  Milk Magic is portion controlled and has less calories and sugar added than other flavored milks.  Milk Magic is the healthiest and easiest way to flavor your milk.  It works in any type of milk or milk alternative.



Magic Milk Straws focus on milk consumption and customer experience. Because they make drinking milk fun, kids will drink the entire glass. Moms love the convenient and no mess packaging.
— Tali Nelson Packaging Expert, Moms PCA: Mpls, MN

What they've Achieved

  • Works with any type of milk and milk alternatives
  • Loved by Moms everywhere for our portioned controlled design
  • Healthiest way to flavor a glass of milk
  • Significantly lower in sugar and calories than pre-flavored choices
  • Gluten Free, Non GMO and BPA Free
  • Buyers Choice Awards for both Merchandising Display Gallery and New Product Showcase & Best New Concept Merchandising Display Gallery at 2011 Sweets & Snacks Expo
  • Most Innovative New Product Award at 2012 Sweets & Snacks Expo
  • Best of the Industry Award for Magic Milk Straws Skinny Tower in 2013 
  • New Product Gallery Winner 2018 C-Store Expo